Why work out with you dog?

Well, there's some science behind it!

If you’re looking for a workout buddy that will keep you motivated, is always on time and won’t complain about going the extra mile, you might just have that perfect workout buddy at home already!

Wrangler loves to show the girls, Daisy and Luna around the block!
We have multiple accountability partners!

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that dog owners are 57 to 77 percent more likely to meet the government’s activity targets (150 minutes a week) than those who don’t own dogs.

Wearing a harness is the best way to keep your dog safe and healthy during workouts in public!

According to researchers, people with dogs also felt more confident that they could find time for exercise regardless of other commitments, plus were more able to overcome workout barriers (ahem, that after-work happy hour). So your pup could also be your accountability partner!

Even better news...

taking your furry friend for a brisk walk counts as exercise. Added bonus, if you and your pup increase your pace to 4.7 miles per hour, you’ll burn as many calories per mile as you would running.

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