The Beginner's Guide for Being an Ultimate Dog Mom!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

What is an Ultimate Dog Mom?

Having a picnic with your pup makes for a great opportunity to teach manners to your pup. Be sure to have dog friendly food handy!

Gone are the days of leaving your fur kid at home when the weather is just too perfect to not sit on a patio and enjoy the sun.

More and more people are building such a strong bond with their canine companions that their off hours are determined on if the pup can go or not. Most of my plans are catered around dog friendly locations. Yes, I am that crazy dog lady you see sitting on the patio drinking a glass of wine with a few pups relaxing at my feet.

The Dog Mom title comes with so many perks! How many of these apply to your Dog Mom status?

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  1. Your dog's name is included with your human kids names'?

  2. You always have a photo of your dog ready to show anyone who may ask, or even if they didn't!

  3. "Dog Mom Anthem" is your jam!

  4. Poop bags can be found anywhere, your purse, laundry, door of your car.

  5. Your parents are considered your dog's grandparents and your sister is their aunt.

  6. Vacations are planned on your emotional state when you have been away from your dog for too long. (My record is 6 days, I thought I was going to break down!)

  7. You are over the moon when someone complements your dog!

  8. A giggle comes out when someone says that dogs should not sleep in the bed with you.

  9. Junk food is normal for your diet but your dog can only eat the best!

  10. Celebrating your dog's birthday is a normal routine.

  11. Matching shirts are a common weekend attire.

  12. "Dog hair? Who cares?" is your daily motto.

Tips on being the best Dog Mom

Sometimes it's easy to take advantage of the relationship we have with our dogs, they are always there for us when we need them. Ever had a bad day at work? Who is the one to greet you when you walk in the door without judgement? Yup, it's our dog. Showing our fur kid that we truly appreciate the everlasting love they give us is not as difficult as you may think. Here are some tips on how to say thank you.

  1. Take a class together. Agility, yoga and trick courses to name a few.

  2. Date day! Hit up a dog friendly patio!

  3. Cook a healthy dinner for both of you. (check the recipe for dog friendly ingredients)

  4. Go on a hike.

  5. Make some treats.

  6. Make some DIY dog toys!

  7. Play indoor games

  8. Go to a drive in movie!

  9. Check your local dog friendly events.

  10. Spa day, massages are the best! You can do this all on your own, no need to pay premium prices.

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