Stepping into Phase One of Reopening during COVID-19

So as you know everyone has been having to make major adjustments to just about everything in our lives. Pet care has not been an exception. Next week we will be entering our Phase 1 of reopening and would love to take care of all of our pet parent's requests.

There are just a few things we need to go over before.

The visits we will be taking on during Phase 1 will be modified to correspond with safety guidelines given to us by the CDC, along with our additional company guidelines. This means like the rest of the the world, we are transforming our new normal. Please be patient with us during this wild time.

The shock that was put onto our economy lead us to lay offs. We no longer have our full staff so the visits we will be scheduling may have an even more broad time block for arrival. Every pup is different when it comes to potty breaks, this is a time when we need you to be completely transparent with your pups health (average time between potty breaks) and your departure and arrival times. We will make sure the time between visits is not going to strain your dog's health. Visits may be broken into two short visits depending on scheduling needs.

Visits may take longer at times because of new protocols which need to be documented to share with our team members for the health and safety of everyone.

If you do have cameras know that we will be doing a lot of things multiple times and recording on our device those best practice actions in order to have a better system for communicating these new protocols.

Washing hands has always been a priority and now more than ever we must ensure this is done when we arrive and before we leave. We are providing our staff with personal sanitizer and soap. If you would like us to help you sanitize your home for your arrival please leave out the sanitizing product you would like us to use next to the KITCHEN SINK.

Studies have shown that this virus lives on surfaces.

Can you take a guess on what is included as a surface? That's right, your fur kids. This means if someone who is even just a carrier breathes on your sweet dog or cat and the next person goes in to love on them with their hands (this could be you arriving home to say how much you missed them) now the chances rise that the virus could spread to you.

With the information we have as of today we require all employees to wear a mask while with your fur kids.

Don't worry, your pup doesn't need a mask. Haha!

Caring for your pets will have different protocols during this time as we will keep contact with household objects to a minimum, seating such as couches and chairs will be avoided as much as possible. As always, if you would like us to engage with your dog or cat in the form of games let us know some of their favorite things to do and if you're not sure let us know and we can use some of our knowledge and share with you what was engaging and not a hit.

If we are to come into contact with any pet parents it is company policy that both the employee and the pet parent must wear a mask.

We know wearing a mask in your own home may seem uncomfortable for you. The safety of our staff and other pet parents is our main priority right now and as of May 27th 2020 this is to be believed the most effective way. If you do not have proper face covering and do need to come into contact with a sitter please respect the 6 foot distance marker. If more distance is available we would appreciate you if you gave a little more.

Ways to keep prices down.

With new materials being needed with each visit, face masks, gloves, extra sanitizer, ext... we will need to either raise prices or cut costs. One cost we can cut is the credit card processing fee for each transaction. This brings us to a check, cash or Venmo payment method. For cash or check please place all money in a plastic sandwich/gallon/quart/snack bag for easy quarantine or sanitation. For Venmo transactions send to @keepingtailswagging. If you need steps to pay via Venmo watch THIS VIDEO . If you want to skip this and pay through your pet parent portal then the process is the same as before and the total payment will be increased by the percentage of the credit card processing fee.

Looking after the wellness of the people and pets is an ongoing battle right, we would love any insight you may have to make this as smooth as possible.

Thank you for your understanding during this pandemic we will get through this!

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