10 must haves for every dog owner or else we’d all go barkin’ mad!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

As pet professionals we like to be prepared, we have gathered a list of some helpful tools for you to become a great dog mom or dog dad!
Loving your pet isn't the only thing you need in order to be a great pet parent!

By Marissa Castaneda

Your furry friend loves you to death, but we can’t forget those

essentials that every dog owner would go crazy without! Whether in

your home or in your car you’ll definitely need these ten to be fully


As an owner of three fur kids who have given me quite the run

around in the early days I have learned quite a lot from their

shenanigans over the years, regardless of the trouble they always

seem to find, I would have gone barking mad if I had not had these 10


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1. So many toys!!

Golden Retrievers love to play! Having dog toys around to help expand their learning will help with tiring them out!
Don't rely on your dogs just to play with each other, they need us to set boundaries for what is excepted in our household.

Everyone knows that dogs love toys and depending on the dog you

may only need a few or a few dozen to keep those chompers in check!

Whether they are bully sticks or soft plush bunny rabbit toys they are

sure to keep your fur baby distracted while your away from home or

while you’re playing at the park.

2. Can’t forget those treats!

Dog treats can help you gain their attention. Try having lighter treats if you are going to be working with food during a training session. A little bit goes a long way, you do not want your dog to have an upset stomach that night when you're sleeping! Cleaning up a mess half asleep is not much fun!
Treats can also be their normal food, is your dog food driven?

Treats are a necessity when owning a dog, they are needed in

training as a puppy or for any trick you want to teach your dog as they

get older. You can go grain free or make your own treats at home by

making boiled chicken, however, make sure your dog is not allergic to

anything before you try any homemade treats.

3. Leashes

Leashes are a must, especially having a spare leash! You never

know when your current leash may get too worn out or you may need

one at an expected time.

4. Id tag/microchips for every pup

You can ask your vet the best choice for a microchipping company.
You can ask your vet the best choice for a microchipping company.

ID tags and microchips are a great way to make sure your pet can

always be identified whether at a park or if they mistakenly get out of

the back yard or on the road during vacation.

5. Front harnesses for every fur kid

Harnesses provide stability and control over your dog while out on

a walk yet, front harnesses provide more comfort for the pet owner

and their fur-baby. Front clasping harnesses gently squeeze at the

chest area letting your furry friend know to slow down and not

constantly pull at your arm while on walks. For more info on what type

of harnesses are best for you and your fur baby go to:


6. Poop bags for outings

I cannot begin to explain how important poop bags are, they help

keep your local parks clean and they help prevent diseases when you

pick up your fur kids poop.

7. Brush!

Regular brushing can save you some money when having to take to the groomer. Matted areas hurt your dog, try to catch it before it gets close to their skin.
Regular brushing can save you some money when having to take to the groomer. Matted areas hurt your dog, try to catch it before it gets close to their skin.

Brushing your dog is a requirement when it comes to long haired

dogs such as, schnauzers, Yorkshire terriers, great Pyrenees, and so

on. They need to be groomed at least once or twice a week or as

needed, however, short haired dogs can go with a brushing every now

and then, but they tend to need little to no brushing. More info on why

both ID tags and microchips work better together! Click the link for



8. Slippery Shampoo

Making sure your pup is barkin’ clean is making sure you have a

good shampoo and conditioner and making sure it doesn’t irritate their

skin or make it flaky and dry.

9. Comfy Crates

Crates are always helpful and needed when traveling or when you

are away at work or school but, make sure your furbabies don’t see

them as a punishment so, don’t put them in their when they

are in trouble. Try taking them to a pet friendly room instead.

10. First aid kits are not just for hoomans!

And we saved the best for last! First aid kits. They are the

most important item to own as a pet owner. First aid kits provide a

variety of creams, antibiotics and bandages for your fur kid in case

they get injured while playing with you or on a walk. However, don’t

assume every injury your pet gets can be fixed by a first aid kit its

always better to call your veterinarian and ask if it is better to go in for

a second opinion. Need a checklist? Check this one out!


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