Frequently Asked

We love answering any questions you may have, if you do not see your question listed below send us a message or give us a call and we will be happy to let you know how we operate.

Pet sitting

New Client

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How long does the consultation last?

Every home visit is unique, but consultations usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of information we need to collect during the visit, and how many pets we are visiting. We are very thorough in the information we collect in order to ensure we provide you with the best service.

Tech Watch
Can I pick the times for my visits?

Each visit/walk is scheduled to a time block of a two hour window. Traffic and other visits may cause for a bit of a delay, this is why we give our pet care specialist enough time to travel safely.

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How do I log into my profile/portal? 

You can download the app and use your email address, use a web browser with or go to the top right of this page and press log in.

Online Shopping
How will I pay my invoice?

In your portal under 'Billing'. Or let us know if you want to leave a check on the first visit. 

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Will the same sitter care for my pet(s) every visit?

You will be assigned a primary, secondary and emergency pet care specialist.


We look out for the health of our team members so they are assigned to shifts. This means an early morning visit may be covered by one and a late evening will be covered by another.


Remember, everyone needs daily rest and days off.  

Working from Home
What is the portal for?

Scheduling, digital communication, pet profiles, any changes that need to made, invoicing and transactions.  

Dog Walking

How long is each walk?

Minimum of 20 minutes. Let us know if you need a consistently longer walk.

Will I have the same walker every time?
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Just like in our pet sitting side, we do look out for the health of our team members. This means, just like you, they need their rest time every day and days off. 

We try to keep schedules as consistent as possible.

Do I need to supply dog waste bags?
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Nope, that's included.

What happens if it is raining?
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We will try our best to get your dog's energy out, if your dog does not want to take the full walk in the rain we will substitute with mental stimulation games inside. 

What if it is too hot outside?

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Grassed areas is where you will find us. If there are not enough areas for us to go we may recommend shoes. Don't worry, we have a trainer to help you out. 

Do I get a discount? 
Walking with Dogs

We do have membership rates!

Monday-Friday options

10am-2pm time block choices

They are bundled in 2 week increments.

Pet Sitting

What will I need during the initial consultation?

3 working keys

during vacation visits we will have 2 sitters working and one will be in the office lock box. 

During the consultation, we’ll get to know all about your pets and their routine.


We will go over the 3 P’s of Pet Sitting:

Policies, Pricing and Processes.


We’ll do a walk-through of your home so we know where all the important items are, and discuss next steps to ensure you have all the information you need to relax, knowing your pets are in great hands! 

Will I have the same sitter every time?

You might and might not.


We do look after the health of our team members. This means like you, they need their rest time every day as well as days off. 

Do I need to supply dog waste bags?
Small Terrier

Nope, that's included.