Meet The Team

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Brianna Pfluger

Founder & Trainer 

Growing up in a small town with all sorts of pets ranging from rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs and goats to a few steers set me up for a wonderful sense of responsibility for all pets. Yes, I did just say all of these are 'pets'. After moving to San Antonio with the target for a major in kinesiology with the intentions of becoming become a physical therapist, I began to shift more to the pet industry. Thanks in large part to Wrangler, you can read more about him if you scroll down a tad. Learning different ways to communicate with Wrangler really got me thinking about how some pet parents want to connect with their pups but either do not have the time to build a great foundation for manners or don't know how. This brought me to Catch Canine Trainer Academy where I learned an abundance amount of dog behavior that is now used to properly care for pets of San Antonio and teach pet parents as well as our pet sitters and walkers how to bond with fur children! Leaving Wrangler with 'just anyone' was not an option for me, that is why I started Keeping Tails Wagging. As a crazy pet parent myself, I believe the highest level of pet care is the only way someone can leave town comfortably and actually enjoy their vacation or work travel!

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Mara Eck


Bio soon to come! 


Caiden Lane


This youngster is on the path of becoming a dog trainer! But for now he is the go--to for familiarizing our four legged friends with small children. You may think, or maybe this has never crossed your mind, when our beloved fur kids have not been around an uncoordinated young human things may change quickly with their outlook of the situation. Fight or flight might be the reaction you get from the normally relaxed pup. We take the proper precautions and exam your dog's behavior closely in order to make the best experience for everyone.

A few of our pet parents who utilize Caiden are  human parent to be, grandparents, and anyone in our walking program. We evaluate our dog walking members with Caiden for the safety of neighborhood children. 

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Wrangler James

Trainer & Mascot 

This silly guy was born in 2009 in the town of Marion, Texas at a miniature horse farm. Being only 5 weeks old he didn't get much of the country life before he was brought to big city of San Antonio. Just because he is a city dog doesn't mean he doesn't still have the traits of a Border Collie! Wrang loves to have an eye on his 'flock', instead of sheep it is his human family. When the family goes shopping EVERYONE MUST STAY TOGETHER! Or else he will find you! This guy is a major part of our socialization program. Dogs can train fellow dogs in a way that a human can not. This is Wrangler's bread and butter, he loves to help other dogs learn to socialize and become familiar with relaxing in public. When Wrangler is not clocked in you can find him laying on his Dad's pillow or hitting the trails with his little human, Caiden.   

Maya Pina

Pet Care Specialist 

Maya is currently a Cat Mom of two boys. They couldn't be more opposite from each other. Fritz is a blue Russian, he's the wild outside/indoor explorer. Draco is my all black cat who I call "Baby Panther". Fritz and Draco are my babies therefore I understand the responsiblities and love that goes into caring for our furry family members. I have the patients to adapt to every pet personality and I am eager to learn more. When not with your furry family members you can catch me at concerts, spending time with my human family and socializing with friends. When your pets are under my care they will be treated as my own! 

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Marissa Castaneda

Pet Care Specialist 

The start to a new journey has just begun, moving from the valley to San Antonio to become a student at UTSA. I am going to school for my bachelor’s in Modern Language studies. Being a parent to three furbabies allows me to understand your concern for excellent pet care. Like you, I enjoy spoiling my children who happen to have fur, until my heart is content. I can not wait until the day I get to meet your fur kids!  


Naomi Gray

Pet Sitter 

Hi there, my name is Naomi Gray. A little about me… receiving my acceptance to The University of San Antonio was what brought me to this city, it was there that I finished my degree in Psychology. Shortly after I was given the opportunity to work as a Teacher’s Aide with small children. But I wanted to do more, help more, so I started working with autistic children at a clinic. Working with children taught me a lot, even about myself. I learned that I love to help people, to serve my community, and contribute to a greater good. I was digging deep to find my purpose when my passion to help animals and the community had been dwelling in me this entire time, right on the surface. My compassion for all wildlife is part of who I am when it comes to my own pets or any animal I come in contact with.Upon this realization began a new journey of trying to turn my passion into a profession. I want to train many kinds of animals for therapeutic services to help the visually and or mentally impaired. Finding Keeping Tails Wagging was a great milestone for me, and it’s only the beginning.