What to choose from...

Need some details of what you can spoil your fur kids with?

  • Simplify your life

  • Provide your pet with the the care they deserve

  • Emphasis on quality, not time 

 A Pet Care Specialist will come to your home, and spend as much time as is needed to keep your pet comfortable and happy. 

Don’t see a service below or need more time during a visit listed, let us know your needs, and we will recommend a service to match!


Just imagine having time to actually eat lunch!

If you're tired of fighting traffic to spend such a short amount of time with your fur kid before you have to rush back to work? 


Feel bad that you can’t get home because you’re stuck in an important meeting and your pup is at home by themselves? 


Save the day by scheduling an afternoon dog walk.


Burn off some pent-up energy or sniff pee mail outside, either way you'll be their hero by scheduling!

Time spent outside is determined by the breed, age, and health of your dog. 

Dog Walks include:

  • Proper exercise around your neighborhood

  • Fresh Water 

  • Meal served if needed.

  • Training Reinforcement

  • Medication administration if required.

  • Playtime 

  • Communication via text message or email (the option is up to you) about the fun your pup had with our pet care specialist.


Dog Walking


Pet Sitting


Do you travel often or are you planning that much-needed vacation?

Let the fur kids stay at home far from stress inducing barking dogs.

Keep your pet safe,  comfortable and happy while you’re away. 

Pawjama Party

Currently Not Offering 

  • Relaxing environment

  • Separation anxiety

  • New puppy or any other concerns.

  • Great boarding alternative 



Option 1:

We will arrive at 9 PM

and stay until 7 AM.

Option 2:

We will arrive at 7 PM 

and stay until 7 AM.


  • Dog walks around your neighborhood

  • Meals served

  • Water 

  • Medication administered if required

  • Playtime 

  • Litter box scooping/cleaning

  • Mail, newspapers, packages and trash/recycling can collection

  • Blinds adjusted

  • Lights alternated

  • Plants watered

  • Communication via text message or email from your pet care specialist every visit.

Pet Sitting $26

Pawjama Parties



The Blissful Feline Care

Because we believe in your cat’s happiness, we’ve created a special service just for you!



Field Trips

Currently Not Offering

On the Move

Field Trips

Perfect option for those dogs that require an additional exercise session in the middle of the day.




They will burn off some of their extra energy.

During our outing, they will run, play and socialize with other dogs.





If you have a shy or reclusive pet, talk to us about how we can help with the socialization process by taking him out on frequent field trips!


Image by Tadeusz Lakota

Pet Taxi

A day at the groomers

procedure at the vet

An outing that you can't make it home to pick up the pup

Transportation for your pet to and from their appointments for you.



Need us to schedule your appointments? Let us know and we’d be happy to take this off your to-do list! 

Prices Vary




(Pick Up Poop) & Kennel clean up

Don't have the yard no one can walk through w/o covering their shoes with poop.

We can also help you keep up with your cages for birds, small animals and reptiles.

Bath time

Is it time for a bath? We will give your pup a bath in their own home! 


Afraid of trimming nail? No problem, just add it on to a visit.


  • Prescription pickup

  • Food/snacks

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Anything your pet may need


Puppy Visits

Start them off on the right track

Puppy visits include:

  • Potty Breaks

  • Help with potty training

  • Beginning leash work

  • Midday Meals, keeping a set feeding schedule will help predict when the next potty break will be needed 

  • Fresh Water

  • Socialization

  • Playtime

  • Exercise in the backyard or close to home until they are fully vaccinated

  • Medication administration, if needed

  • Communication via text message or email from your pet care specialist every visit.

  • Much needed interaction

*We do require Puppy Visits for all dogs under 9 months of age or until fully potty trained.

Senior Pet Care

They’ve given us years of laughter, support, and unconditional love.

Now it’s our time to give back to them.


From our experience, senior pets are not as comfortable with change as a younger pet, so let us help you keep them on their schedule.

Happiness comes in many forms, sniffing "pee mail" throughout the neighborhood can be just as exciting as playing fetch, or offering them that much needed fresh air and sunshine by getting them out by stroller or cart, to simply letting our feline friends take a cat nap on our lap, we will be there.

*We know senior pet care varies from pet to pet, we are happy to create a custom care plan that works best for your pet.


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