Build a lifelong connection with your fur kid through fun and positive classes.

Group Training Classes

Proper training is essential for a long, happy and safe relationship with your dog.


We guide you through the foundation of training to ensure your dog stays...

  • Physically Fit 

  • Mentally Alert

  •  Socially Engaged

  • Emotionally Happy 

To make dog training an enjoyable and fulfilling activity our approach is positive, fun and effective.

Our Trainers

Our Trainers

Brianna Pfluger

Mara Eck


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Training a Puppy with Snack


Teaching your dog tricks is a way to develop a great relationship. 

  • We will show you how to have a strong foundation for teaching tricks from basic to advanced so you can continue to teach tricks when you go home.

Examples of tricks we will work on​

  • Crawl

  • Roll over

  • Jump

  • Speak

  • Shake

  • Spin

  • Sit Pretty

  • And More!

Pre-requisite - Mannered Mutt

6 Week Course


Great Dane

CGC Prep

  • Accepting a friendly stranger

  • Sit politely for petting

  • Appearance and Grooming

  • Loose Leash Walking with only a flat collar

  • Walk though a crowd with 

  • Sit on command

  • Down on command

  • 20 foot stay, either sit or down

  • Recall

  • Ignoring/greeting another dog

  • Ignoring distraction

  • Supervised Separation

Pre-requisite - Advanced

6 Week Course


Therapy Prep

  • Simulated Hospital Reception Desk

  • Check-in and out of sight

  • Heeling around people

  • Group sit/stay

  • Group down/stay

  • Recall on a 20 ft. leash

  • Visiting with a patient

  • Testing of reactions to unusual situations

  • Leave-it; part one

  • Leave-it; part two

  • Meeting another dog

  • Entering through a door to visit at the facility

  • Reaction to Children

Pre-requisite - Advanced

6 Week Course


Required Vaccines

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