A few key benefits of keeping your fur kids

at home:

  • Untrained or unwilling friends/family/neighbors no longer need to be depended on

  • No unwanted learned behaviors

  • Training maintenance, if you are working on training we will keep that going while you're away 

  • Reduces stress & anxiety, no stress inducing barking roommates 

  • Eliminates potential exposure to Illnesses

  • Safety & security being in their environment

  • Maintain medical treatment when required

  • No interruptions to diet & exercise routine

  • One on one attention

  • No travel trauma, that means for you too! 

While we pamper your pet, you can feel confident while you are away that they are being well cared for.


When you have us, there is no need to worry if your

meeting runs late,

you can’t rush home at lunchtime,


feeling guilty

about there not being enough time in your day.


Imagine really enjoying that well-deserved vacation, we will take care of everyone by making sure that your pets are receiving lots of love, attention, exercise, and stress-free relaxation.


All of this can happen AT HOME!

Why us?

It’s all about trust

We know choosing the right company could be a stressful experience, you are looking for that special pet sitter who will care for your pets.

  • Pet Care Specialists have been hand selected for just that! 

  • All Staff is screened by management 

  • Background checked

  • Trained for our industry

  • Required to have continuous animal care education classes.

  • Our commitment is to you. This means we ensure both the safety of your pets and your home.

 We eliminate stress caused by worry when leaving your loved ones behind.

Just imagine focusing on work, travel and family commitments. 

Girl Hugging her Dog

Why do employees

make the difference?

Before hiring a team member, applicants go through a background check, multiple interviews and a pre-employment assessment survey.

Our Employees:

  • Receive extensive education and training 

  • Certification in pet first aid 

  • Has specific instructions and protocols to follow to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort

  • Our training includes an intensive orientation to review our handbook & system and processes

  • Must adhere to our high level of care standards to keep your pets safe and secure.

  • Are important to the success of our company, and we value their loyalty.



What is the other option a company can use?

Independent Contractor 

  • There is a chance of minimal screening.

  • By law the company is unable to train and supervise the contractor. 

  • That independent contractor can then contract out to another contractor without notifying the actual company you hired. 

  • You would not know if the contractor had been trained or even if they have insurance and neither would the company you hired.